Pollo alla cacciatora (rosso)

ingredients for the marinade:
– Chicken thighs (1 kilo)
-Garlic cloves, 2
– 2 glasses of red wine (Chianti)
– Bay leaves (6 leaves)
– Pinch of salt
-Pinch of pepper
-Two branches of rosemary
– Table spoon of dried oregano
(for after marinating!!)200 grams of  flour

ingredients for the sauce:
-Splash of olive oil
– One onion (Cut julienne)
– One red pepper (Cut julienne)
– Handfull of black olives (Taggiagische)
– Rosemary (2 extra branches to leave simmer with the sauce)
-One garlic clove (chopped or whole clove and take our later, as you prefer)
– One can of tomatoes (preferably good quality, like: Mutti/Graziella)
– Salt and pepper (add the way you like it)

for the marinade
Start with marinating your chicken. Best is to wash them before with a bit of lemon. Then in a big bowl add the wine, chicken, garlic (chopped or sliced), the bay leaves, salt, pepper, rosemary, oregano. Leave marinating for at least two hours or if possible overnight.

In between
take the chicken from the marinade and try to make them a bit dry with some kitchen towel or paper. Then heat the pan on a high flame. Dip the pieces of chicken in  some flour and pan fry until a nice bronzed color. Then leave all the chicken on the side and start with a clean pan for your sauce underneath.

For the sauce
Start heating your pan on medium heat, add olive oil, onion, red peppers, olives, the herbs and in the end the garlic. When everything is starting smell really good (more or less after 5 minutes), start adding your tomatoes. Leave them simmer without the lid, to evaporate the liquid a little. After add the salt and pepper. Then add the rest of the left over marinade and the chicken. Leave this under a lid for at least one and a half/two hours.