Home Made Fettucine


for 4 people

  • 200 grams 00 flour (or all purpose)
  • 200 grams of semolina flour
  • 4 pinches of salt
  • 4 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 big eggs (between 60/65 grams


  • Extra flour for working and saving the dough
  • Pasta machine or rolling pin

Preparation of the dough
You can start on a flat surface and create a well or you can use a big bowl. Add the flours en mix them together with your hands. Then add the salt and mix again. Then add 4 big spoons of good quality extra virgin olive oil. Crack the eggs and add the whole eggs inside. Check if no shells went into the bowl or into your well. then first use to fingers to combine all the ingredients, until you can start using your whole hand and create a ball of dough. If you feel like the dough is a bit sticky you can add some more flour, if the dough is a bit dry add a some more olive oil.

Kneading the dough
Take the ball of dough and put it on a flat surface with a bit of flour underneath (you can use a mix of the two flours or just semolina). Now it’s time for kneading the dough. The best way is to stretch the dough with one hand, while the other hand holds the bottom of the dough and then fold the sides inwards. You turn the dough around and again make this movement. Knead at least 5 till 10 minutes, until you feel the dough is getting softer and more elastic. In this process we create the gluten, by moving the dough, we make it stronger and elastic. After maximum 10 minutes make a nice ball again and wrap it up in plastic. Leave it covered so the dough won’t dry out and let it rest for at least 20 minutes.

Making Fettucine with a rolling pin
After resting cover your work space with flour again. Take a piece of dough and cover the the dough with some flour. Then start in the middle with the rollin pin and roll upwards. Then go back to the centre and roll the pin down. Continue doing this for a couple of times and when the pasta dough gets an oval shape, turn it around and start again in the middle, until you have a flat kind of pizza shape dough. Then cover the top with flour and roll from the top down. Then cut little slices ( a fettucine is 3 till 5 millimetres/ ¼ inches).  When you’ve cut the whole dough unroll the little rolls, spread them with your fingers and cover them with flour. Make sure youe spread them widely from each other, so they won’t stick before cooking.

Making Fettucine with a pasta machine
Adjust your pasta machine to a table or surface of the kitchen and make sure it is stable and won’t move. Then take a little piece of the dough, cover with flour and use your hand or a rolling pin to flatten a bit. Start on the widest number of the machine and let the dough go through. The first three times you let the dough go through is more about creating the right shape and texture. We make the dough softer and stronger. So when it rolls out, fold it, flatten it and bring it through the pasta machine again. After 2/3 times you will notice that the dough is much softer and has the shape that you prefer. Then turn the wheel of the machine, so it it will get thinner, continue to do this until you have the right thickness that you like. Preferably with a machine that goes from widest 10 and thinnest 1 I would choose 3 times 10, one time 8, one time 6 and two times number 2. But of course you can play a bit with the machine and after a few times you will know which thickness you’ll like best.

Just give it a try, I’m sure after a while you will be a pasta pro! Good luck and buon appitito!

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