Spaghetti al Pomodoro

Based on 4 people
-Splash of olive oil (and a drizzle on top of the plate)
-Two cloves of garlic
– Anchovies 6/8 pieces (depending on quality/salt)
-Olives (a handful, preferably Taggiasche)
-Canned tomatoes 1,5/2 cans (best brands: Mutti/Graziella)
-Basil, a handful of fresh basil
– Spaghetti (350/400 grams) , depending on your hunger!
(One portion between 80/100 grams each)
-Parmesan cheese for on top
-Salt/Pepper add in taste

Start with preparing a pan of water, wait until boiling, then add a bit of salt.
(very important for the flavor of your pasta!).

Meanwhile start smashing your garlic cloves or if you prefer chopped pieces, if so chop them very finely. Heat up a pan with a splash of olive oil, when hot add whole anchovies, then the olives and the branches of the basil. Leave simmer for a while. When you smell the delicious aromas, add the tomatoes. Add a little bit of salt. Leave simmering half an hour or if you have time one hour, in this way your sauce can combine all it’s simple ingredients, to one happy flavor party.

When your sauce is almost ready, start cooking the pasta. After 8 minutes taste from the pan if they are (very) al dente! If so add the pasta to the sauce, stir the pasta with the sauce, then add a bit of starchy pasta water and keep on stirring slowly for two more minutes, until you have the right al dente as you prefer it. In this way pasta and sauce will become one!

Buon appetito!
Lily Ball