Tim writes: so how does Spotted Redshank (Tringa erythropus) differ from Frequent Redshank (T. totanus)?  Spotted Redshank is barely larger and extra elegant with longer legs and an extended, thinner invoice that has a tiny downward kink on the tip.  Spotted Redshank additionally has a extra nicely-marked face sample with an apparent eyestripe and pale supercilium (eyebrow).  In flight Spotted Redshank lacks the large white trailing edge to the wings, so has plain wings.  Lastly the decision may be very totally different; Spotted Redshank offers a extremely attribute chu-itt that goes up on the finish whereas Redshank often offers a melancholy teu or teu-hu that goes down on the finish.  Spotted Redshank has by no means bred in Britain, however is seen generally on passage in spring and particularly autumn.  A number of birds spend the whole winter right here however most winter in sub-Saharan Africa.  This passage chicken was within the Dearne Valley in Yorkshire close to Adwick.

For such a usually occurring chicken, it appears to have been a lot neglected in Britain. I believe it was Marmaduke Tunstall who first named it in Britain in 1771 (Ornithologia Britannica) although Peter Pallas described it new to science seven years earlier in 1764.  However most British birds had been talked about 100 years earlier in John Ray’s Ornithology (1676) so presumably Spotted Redshank was neglected.  Tunstall known as it Spotted Redshank nevertheless it has subsequently been known as Dusky Redshank and Black Redshank, as it is rather black in breeding plumage.


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