Tim writes: I used to catch Bullheads (Cottus gobio) in a small stream close to my dwelling as a baby, however I haven’t seen one for perhaps 50 years.  That’s till two days in the past once I watched this Little Grebe emerge from the water with one.  These fish are often known as Miller’s Thumb and have declined in quantity since my childhood.  However they apparently disguise below stones throughout the day and are available out at nightfall.  I do keep in mind turning over stones to seek out them as a baby.  Now throughout the summer season Little Grebes eat primarily bugs (eg waterboatmen), crustaceans (eg freshwater shrimps) and small amphibians (eg tadpoles).  However they do eat small fish, particularly in winter and particularly sticklebacks.  I used to be eager to see if Little Grebes had been reported eating Bullheads and naturally they’ve.  Bullheads get a point out in each BWP and Witherby.   However Witherby’s Handbook goes on to say that Bullheads have precipitated dying by choking in Little Grebes.  However no such point out with spiny sticklebacks.  This was close to Matlock in South Derbyshire.


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