Raptor-killing, poison-shooting, bog-burning, hare-killing pushed grouse taking pictures isn’t having an awesome week. The day earlier than yesterday, the EU (remember the EU?) Parliament voted to ban the use of lead ammunition in wetlands the place ‘wetlands’ embrace peatlands equivalent to blanket bogs the place a lot (not at all all) pushed grouse taking pictures happens in the UK.

Now, the UK, you may have observed, is not in the EU however we’re nonetheless in the transition interval and the report in the Guardian says that if the rules come into pressure earlier than 31 December they may apply to the UK, at the least till UK governments (word the plural) determine what to preserve and what to miss in future (and all that relies upon on what kind of Brexit we get – however there’s loads of time to take into consideration that, it’s nonetheless November!).

Watch this area…


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