Technically, there is no such thing as a distinction between “up” and “straight up” when making a cocktail. Asking for a drink served “up” or “straight up” merely means that you really want the drink shaken or stirred over ice, and then strained and served sans ice in a cocktail glass. Basic cocktails which might be virtually at all times served up embody the Martini and the Daiquiri. Others which might be depending on private choice embody drinks corresponding to the Negroni and the Manhattan.

The place the terminology “up” and “straight up” begins to vary, nonetheless, is with the phrase “straight.” The time period “straight,” in relation to drinks, means a individual would love a spirit served solo, with none mixer. Asking for a whiskey “straight up,” implies that the client would love their whiskey to be chilled first, then served to them in the applicable glassware.

The place one can run into hassle utilizing the phrases “up” and “straight up” interchangeably is in relation to cocktails like the Martini. If one have been to order a vodka or gin Martini “straight up” it’s very probably the bartender might interpret this order to imply the drinker would love vodka or gin chilled and then served to them in a Martini glass, no vermouth. This could be the most well-liked vodka Martini for many individuals, but when it isn’t for you, ask for the cocktail to be served “up” as a substitute.

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