I hate the query, “Is one thing good for you?” as a result of most issues we eat will be each good and unhealthy for us. Drink the correct quantity of purple wine, and it’s good for your coronary heart; drink an excessive amount of, and the surplus alcohol outweighs the advantages. Eat a little bit of darkish chocolate, and once more, you see advantages — however eat an excessive amount of, and the sugar outweighs these features. So, the best approach to reply this query is: It relies upon. However let me attempt to get to the foundation of what you’re truly asking.

In case you are asking if try to be ingesting non-alcoholic beer (NA beer) versus water, the reply is not any. Water is at all times the clear selection. (I’ll get into why because it pertains to NA beer in a bit.)

In case you are asking whether or not there are any advantages to ingesting a non-alcoholic beer, the reply is sure, a few of which you additionally discover in alcoholic beer.

The clearest advantage of non-alcoholic beer, and alcoholic beer as properly, is its supply of phenols. Diets wealthy in phenols are inclined to end in much less irritation and illness, and beer accommodates about 50 completely different varieties of those superb compounds. It’s this phenolic richness that resulted in so many athletes ingesting non-alcoholic beer within the Olympic Village in 2018. They drank the NA model to get the good thing about the phenols, but in addition to stop a hangover, and since the alcoholic model, whereas delivering the phenols, may also disrupt protein synthesis.

However beer makes you “go” extra, and that signifies that if you are gaining the good thing about the phenols, if you happen to drink an excessive amount of beer (together with non-alcoholic beer) you additionally may fail to hydrate correctly. That’s why non-alcoholic beer shouldn’t be an ideal restoration drink, regardless of the way in which a few of these new NA beer manufacturers are advertising and marketing themselves.

In terms of restoration, your greatest guess remains to be to drink one thing like Gatorade, as a majority of these drinks change the electrolytes you’ve misplaced with out the danger of you expelling them by needing to move to the lavatory.

On the finish of the day, although, for post-workout restoration, ingesting non-alcoholic beer does appear to have some advantages — in spite of everything, German Olympians have received quite a lot of gold medals, and so they drink quite a lot of non-alcoholic beer.

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